Day 83 Good Deed Relay

Liam and Max Rudge, Pupils, wrote: For our Good Deed, we decided to donate Easter eggs to a lady who works for TTT events and she goes with Spider Man and Batman to deliver them on Easter day to poorly … Continue reading

Day 72 Good Deed Relay

Josie Kemmett, pupil, wrote: For my Good Deed, I donated some toys I no longer want to use to my old playgroup, Witcombe Under 5’s.  This is a group run by mum’s and is very special to me.  It relies … Continue reading

Day 67 Good Deed Relay

Sophie & Finley Toms, pupils, wrote: This morning was Sophie and Finlay’s turn to do a good deed. They chose to bake cakes for the N.I.C.E team’s first coffee morning to thank them for all the work they do supporting … Continue reading

Day 62 Good Deed Relay

Nicole Wilding, Learning Partner, wrote: Isaac and I brought some Yum Yums to the football match for his team and the opposition team.  Isaac also wanted to give Ian, his coach, some chocolates for being a fantastic coach.   We also decided to … Continue reading

Day 58 Good Deed Relay

Candace McNair, Learning Partner, wrote: So I have had a difficult time of late and wanted my good deed to be an expression of thanks for my very best friends. These women have been there for me no matter what…. … Continue reading

Day 52 Good Deed Relay

Jo Nelmes, parent, wrote: So after Bethany’s Good Deed on Monday, it was my turn today. I decided to do something special for my Mum. My Mum comes up from Portsmouth most weeks, travelling a round trip of 240 miles … Continue reading

Day 50 Good Deed Relay

Bethany Nelmes, pupil, wrote: Today was my turn for the Good Deed Relay……I decided to make cakes for my classmates and teachers to hopefully make everyone smile at the start of the school week. I purchased all the ingredients, made and … Continue reading