The Arts

The Arts

Aims & Objectives

We show a strong commitment to the creative arts as part of a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum for all children. Our aims in teaching the creative arts are to:

  • Provide a quality arts curriculum, covering a range and depth of works including the UK and other cultures.
  • Provide opportunities for creativity and arts across the curriculum.
  • Provide opportunities beyond the classroom, including enrichment and extra-curricular activities.
  • Provide opportunities for all children to develop the skills and attitudes required to learn and succeed in the creative arts.
  • Celebrate children’s artistic work, both in the classroom and beyond.

Every child is an artist.  We believe that the creative arts are a fundamental part of every child’s education. We define the creative arts as music, art, dance and drama, though the impact of the arts goes beyond these curriculum areas.  The arts provide opportunities for children to explore their emotions and communicate creatively.  They provide unique ways for children to express themselves, as well as to understand the feelings of others’ and the wider world in general. Through experiencing the arts, children develop their own artistic skills and their creativity, as well as the personal qualities of self-esteem and confidence.

Music Expectations Year 2
Music Expectations Year 4
Music Expectations Year 6

Linden Primary Music Yearly Overview

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