We strongly encourage all pupils to wear uniform. We feel that the uniform provides the children with a common identity and a sense of belonging to a community. Children should wear sensible shoes that they can run and play in. Clothing with brand labels and logos is not considered appropriate for use at school.  All clothes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

TrutexUniform is available from The School Uniform Shop in Gloucester town centre.   Please click on the logo for details regarding where the shop is located. 

Book bags are on sale through the school office.

Red sweatshirts or cardigans, plain or with school logo
White shirts (polo or traditional), plain or with school logo
Plain grey or black jogging bottoms (for younger children)
Plain grey or black trousers (Years 3 and above are encouraged to wear traditional trousers)
Plain grey or black shorts (for summer)
Grey or black pinafore or skirt
Red and white checked or striped dresses (for summer)
Red, white or grey socks or tights
Red Book Bag with school logo

PE Kit:
Black shorts
White t-shirt or polo-shirt
Black daps
PE bag
Plain grey or black tracksuit bottoms/sweatshirt and trainers for outdoor PE in cold weather.

Please support us in our attempts to keep primary aged children from missing out on childhood. Keep hair styles suitable for children under 11. We suggest not too short, no Mohicans or engravings and no added colour. There is lots of time for rebellion in the teenage years.