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Early Reading

Early Reading Vision:

"To decode letter-sound correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skills and read common exception words on sight.  To understand what they read and develop their vocabulary and read aloud with fluency and expression."  


At Linden Primary School we recognise that high quality, systematic teaching of phonics is key to the development of reading and writing. We use the Read, Write Inc. scheme to provide exciting and engaging ways to learn through actions, images, stories and games. We believe this provides a wide range of learning opportunities to engage all children. Phonic sounds are taught in short focused, fast paced daily sessions from Foundation Stage to Year 2 – and we ensure there are opportunities across the curriculum to embed the skills taught.


What is Read Write Inc. Phonics?


How we teach Read Write Inc.

All children are assessed regularly by the Read Write Inc. lead teacher and assessment team, so that they are taught according to their needs. They progress through phonics across the infants in the flowing way:

In the Foundation Stage all children:

  • Learn to say, read and write Set 1 sounds.
  • Write sounds using correct letter formation - we do not use letter names at this stage.
  • Begin to read and write simple, decodable words.
  • Begin to read and write ‘red’ words.
  • Begin to read and write simple sentences.

Set 1 sounds


In Year 1 all children:

  • Learn to say, read and write Set 2 and Set 3 sounds.
  • Write sounds using correct letter formation - we introduce letter names when we teach Set 3 sounds.
  • Begin to spell using known sounds.
  • Write confidently by practising what they want to write out loud first.
  • Listen to and talk about a range of quality texts read by the teacher.
  • Begin to read with fluency and expression.
  • Read books which are closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge.

Set 2 sounds


Set 3 sounds

Pure Sounds

It is really important that the children learn how to pronounce all of the sounds correctly. If you wish to support your child with this, please watch the following link as it indicates the way we say the sounds.



The correct pronunciation of sounds is essential in helping them to blend sounds together to make words.

Fred Talk




Fred the Frog plays an important role in our Read Write Inc. lessons. Fred is only able to speak in pure sounds, not whole words. We call this Fred Talk.  For example, Fred would say m - a – t and we would say mat.

Fred talk helps children read unfamiliar words by pronouncing each sound in the word one at a time. Children can start blending sounds into words as soon as they know a small group of letters well. During lessons children are taught to hear sounds and blend them together in sequence to make a word. We start with blending oral sounds, then progress to reading the letters and blending them together to read the word.


How can I support my child at home?

Evidence shows that the more a person practises a new skill the stronger the neuronal pathways become proving that 'Practise makes permanent'.

You can support your child at home by:

  • Listening to them read daily.
  • Practising saying the sounds and their rhymes
  • Using 'Fred Talk' when learning a new word and blending the sounds back together to read the words.
Further information about Read Write Inc. can be found at:

These links include examples of what you children will be learning in school.

Read Write Inc. resources can be purchased at:

Below is a link to a Parent Information booklet which will explain things in more detail:

Phonics Parent Booklet