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PE Vision:

"To provide an ambitious curriculum to support pupils in understanding themselves so that they can be resilient to setbacks, take pride in their achievements and become confident and independent individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally."


At Linden Primary School, each class is timetabled to 2 hours of PE per week. One of these sessions is taught from the RealPE scheme of work and focusses on the fundamental skills (Balance, Co-ordination, Agility), whereas the other session is taught from the Lancashire Scheme of Work and allows children to apply the fundamental skills that they are learning into games and competitive situations.

Use this link to access our PE long term plan: Linden Primary School PE Overview 2022.23

Real PE Scheme of work

The Real PE scheme of work was introduced at Linden in January 2022. The curriculum and the school’s wider work support pupils to develop resilience, confidence and independence and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, helping them to know how to keep physically and mentally healthy. Through the teaching of the RealPE scheme we aim to develop pupils who are committed to their learning, know how to study effectively, are resilient to setbacks and take pride in their achievements. Alongside the physical skills, we have a ‘Learning Nutrition’ focus for each term. These are: Cognitive, Creative, Physical, Social, Personal and Health and Fitness. These skills can be used in a variety of sports, across the whole curriculum and in the everyday lives of our pupils.

Use this link to access the Progression of skills document for RealPE    real-PE-Progression-of-Skills.pdf (

Use this link to access the Fundamental Movement Skills Progression in Real PE   FUNS-Fundamental-Movement-Skills-Progression-of-Skills.pdf (


Each year group (Year 2-Year 6) goes swimming for a minimum of 10 weeks of the year. Our swimming lessons are taught by the staff at Holmleigh Park High School Sports Centre. The children are taught the different strokes of swimming, as well as how to stay safe in and around water.

As a school we record how many Year 6 children achieve the end of Key Stage 2 expectations; The number of children who can swim 25m, The number who can perform a range of strokes effectively and the number of children who can safely perform a self-rescue. Our data from the last cohort of year 6 children who completed their 10 weeks swimming block is below: The number of children who can swim 25m is 28/60 (47%), the number who can perform a range of strokes effectively is 21/60 (35%) and the number of children who can safely perform a self-rescue is 20/60 (33%).

Gloucester School Sports Network

As our school commitment to this, we have affiliated to the Gloucester School Sports Network. This collaborative working will provide enhanced opportunities for students and staff alike to develop PE and School Sports.  The following areas will be covered:

Pupil participation opportunities – festivals and events (Dance, KS1 Christmas, Easter and Summer Multi Skills) Pupil competition opportunities – Cross Country / Gymnastics / Rugby / Hockey / Swimming Gala / Athletics / Rounders. Staff continual professional development – High Quality Physical Education/Sport Specific. Curriculum support – activities as required.

Please refer to the link below to see the full range of opportunities that the Gloucester School Sports Network has on offer.


At Linden we offer a wide variety of sports (football, tag rugby, gymnastics etc.) through our after-school clubs. Each club is held for an hour per week throughout the year. In addition to this, we participate in the Gloucester schools’ leagues for boys’ football, girls’ football and tag rugby.

Infant Sports Day