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RE Vision:

"In RE we help children to make sense of a range of religious and non-religious beliefs so they can understand the impact and significance of religious and non-religious beliefs on individuals, communities, societies and cultures.  We aim to help children to make connections between religious and non-religious beliefs, concepts, practices and ideas studied.   Children will be encouraged to challenge the ideas studied and allow the ideas studied to challenge their own thinking, articulate their beliefs, values and commitments clearly in response.  Children will discern possible connections between the ideas studies, their own way of understanding the world, expressing their critical responses and personal reflections with increasing clarity and understanding."


We currently use the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus:  Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE

The syllabus highlights the importance of enhancing the learning of RE through experiences such as visits to places of worship, handling artefacts and speaking to people of different faiths about their beliefs.  

All these experiences, including Linden School's high quality RE teaching, have encouraged the exploration of British Values that Linden School endeavours to promote and uphold.