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Reading Vision:

"To develop a love of reading and become fluent, confident readers.  To confidently apply phonic strategies when reading.  To comprehend and understand a range of texts and  form opinions based on reading a wide range of texts."


At Linden Primary we have a bespoke reading curriculum.  Reading is the gateway to all learning and we recognise the importance of reading right from the beginning.  To ensure that our children develop this love of reading we have a variety of varied, high quality, whole-class novels/picture books recommended by a range of sources that are progressive and cumulative across the year groups and children leave Linden being able to name a range of books and authors that they have enjoyed reading.

Each half term, from Year 3 to Year 6, focus novels are chosen based on three themes; friendship, adventure and challenging social norms.  At Linden Primary, the texts have been carefully chosen to include a range of genres, authors and themes and are selected to be progressive in their exposure to vocabulary, style, authorial choice and levels of maturity. Their selection has taken into account the needs, backgrounds and interests of our children, in order to build cultural capital. Year 2 pupils will begin to cover novels once they have met the required standards in phonics, this is usually by Summer 1.

Whole Class Reading


Linden uses the VIPERS acronym to support the 6 reading areas of the reading curriculum. They are the key areas which we feel children need to know and understand in order to improve their comprehension of texts.

Reading Vipers is used to explore and comprehend the texts which are being taught within these sessions. A minimum of 4 whole class sessions are taught each week, with a different Viper focus.

Reading Progression

Once children have worked through the Early Reading book bands linked to Read Write inc, children continue to progress through a banded scheme. Pupils are listened to by staff regularly and move through the stages when meeting expected standards for that book band.



Reading for Pleasure

Pupils are encouraged to foster a love of reading from the onset. We celebrate reading achievements in school in many ways;

Up to 100 reads Up to 250 reads
  • 20 x reads- Bookmark
  • 50x reads- Bronze certificate
  • 100x reads- Silver certificate
  • 150 x reads- Gold certificate
  • 200x reads- Platinum certificate
  • 250 x reads- Diamond certificate

Also, pupils who go ‘above and beyond’ will be able to earn a raffle ticket. This will give pupils the opportunity to be entered into a monthly draw, with the chance to receive a new book. There will be a draw for EYFS and KS1 and a draw for KS2. This award is open to all!

This could include;


-Children who frequently read 3 or more times a week at home
-Children who use their initiative to ask to read to an adult in school
-Pupils who put in improved effort
-Pupils who read and share their enjoyment with their peers and adults in school.


The options are endless but the goal is for children to continue to read for pleasure.