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Reading For Pleasure




At Linden Primary School we want all of our children to develop a lifelong love of reading. Alongside our individual reading books we also encourage the children to read for pleasure, so we offer them the opportunity to take home a range of library books to enjoy.

Reading is key to children’s learning across the curriculum and it widens children’s vocabulary and understanding. Having access to rich and varied texts will help them to write in a more sophisticated manner and inspire them.




To enthuse the children with a range of age appropriate texts we have the following recommendations (please click on the image to view):


Read 2.jpg


Read 3.jpg

Read 4.png

Read 5.jpg

Y4 read.jpg

Y5 Read.jpg

Y6 read.jpg

Children like different books.

Some love learning something; others like to be carried away in fiction; some enjoy a scary book and others want to laugh. Some want stories about familiar things, others want to be transported into new worlds or fantasy settings.

Please click on the image: